What is Green Education?

This is a project promoted by EDP Renováveis that aims to support the education of children from families with limited economic resources. Specifically, scholarships are awarded to children and young people from towns and cities near wind farms operated by EDPR.

This initiative arose from EDPR's commitment to its local stakeholders and aims to ensure that local youth have access to education. For the company there is no better way to support the future of the municipalities where it operates than to promote the education of the next generation.

For what ages or levels of studies are the grants awarded?

The Green Education scholarships are awarded to children and teenagers in primary and secondary schools, as well as university students or those who are about to start their university studies.

Where are they awarded?

Until now the scholarships have been awarded in four European countries: Spain, Portugal, Romania and Poland, although this may be extended to other countries in the future.

The municipalities from which students are selected to receive the scholarships vary from one round to the next, and are chosen by EDPR based on per capita income data and the unemployment rate published by local government bodies.

After that, local governments are responsible for informing the educational institutions about the start of the period to apply for the scholarships. In addition, these educational institutions are responsible for spreading the word about the scholarships to students, as well as collecting applications.

What is the selection criteria?

Scholarship winners are chosen by EDPR, and this is based on two criteria: the student’s academic record and the family’s economic situation.

How long has this initiative been going?

The Green Education scholarships have been awarded since the 2010-2011 academic year.

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