Article 1 - Scholarship program objectives

1. “Green Education” is a scholarship program launched by EDP Renewables in 2011 with the objective of offering financial support for the educational development of children and young adults from families with limited resources.
2. This project aims to promote the education of the youngest generation in those countries where EDPR operates.

Article 2 - Program rules

1. The “Green Education” program follows the following terms, which are interpreted, applied and resolved by the Evaluation Committee of EDP Renewables.
2. The selection criteria and basis of the decisions, including the awarding of the scholarships, is at the complete descretion of the promoters of the initiative. The decisions of the Evaluation Committee are not subject to appeal, and under all circumstances, are final and irreversible.
3. The promoters of the “Green Education” program reserve the right not to award the scholarships, if they consider that in a given round there are no applications that meet the minimum set requirements for distinction.

Article 3 - Nature of the scholarships

1. EDP Renewables awards scholarships to elementary and high school students of up to a gross amount of 500€
2. EDP Renewables awards scholarships to students studying pre-university or professional training courses of up to a gross amount of 1,000€
3. EDP Renewables awards scholarships to university students of up to a gross amount of 2,000€

Article 4 - Duration of the scholarships and application deadline

1. Scholarship applications for the next school year will have a deadline of Sept. 30.

Article 5 – Geographic Regions

1. The geographic regions for the distribution of the scholarships will be determined by EDP Renewables.

Article 6 - Application Requirements

1. Anyone can apply to these scholarships as long as they meet the following requirements at the time of application:
a) They will begin a course in an elementary school, high school, post-secondary educational center or university.
b) They reside in a region where EDP Renewables has or will have wind farms, and that area has been selected by the company as a geographic region for participation in this program.
c) They present all of the required information, and within the established deadlines.

Article 7 - Application Procedures

1. Applicants who meet the conditions required in the previous article should formalize their candidacy by filling out an application form, avaialble in the town hall of the corresponding locality.
2. Along with the application form they should provide the following documents:
a) Application form.
b) Letter from the candidate summarizing why they are applying for the scholarship.
c) Photocopy of the family registry.
d) Photocopy of the certificate of the last course the student was enrolled in, as well as the student’s grades obtained by the student during that course.
e) Fotocopy of proof of enrollment in the School/Institute/Univeristy/Professional Training Center for the course the student will enter.
f) Fotocopy of the of the parents’ income declaration for the previous year, or a document with proof of the the parents’ income from the last year.
3. If more than one child wishes to apply to the scholarship program from the same family, a new copy of all the paperwork specified in point 2 needs to be submitted with each child’s application.

Article 8 - Procedures for the collection of applications

1. Each of the applications must be submitted either in person or by mail to the appropriate town hall, together with all the complementary information indicated previously, and directed to the mayor of the corresponding locality, so it can then be sent on to EDP Renewables.
a) On the exterior envelope, after the identification of the addressee, it’s important to write “EDP Renewables – Green Education.”
b) Submission of the application implies the acceptance, without reservations or conditions, of the terms and conditions of the “Green Education” scholarship program.

Article 9 - Data confidenciality

1. The data submitted by the applicants to the company will be protected under the Spanish data projection law “Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de diciembre” (or the specific local law of each country).

Article 10 - Evaluation Committee

1. The Evaluation Committee in charge of evaluating the applications will be made up of members of the EDP Renewabes’ department of Human Resources.
2. The members of the Evaluation Committee are responsible for evaluating all of the application submissions in order to select those who will pass to the final evaluation round.
3. The selection of the finalists, and the awarding of the scholarships, is the exclusive responsibility of the Evaluation Committee, which deliberates sovereignly, following the critieria that it considers to be most appropriate to meet the objectives of the program, and that are explained in the following article in general terms.

Article 11 - Evaluation Criteria

1. The evaluation of the scholarship applications will be based on the following critieria:
a) Economic situation of the family
b) Academic performance of the student
c) The personal letter of the applicant

Article 12 - Communication of the decision

1. After the analysis, curing the month of October the applications are presented, the decision regarding the “Green Education” scholarships is announced to the town hall, naming the award-winning students.
2. There will be no one-on-one communication about the selected scholarship recipients.
3. EDP Renewables will be responsible for communicating to the interested parties the date of the event for the official awarding of the scholarships.
4. Los participantes a los que sean atribuidas las Becas se comprometen expresamente, y como condición de la aceptación de la misma, a participar en este evento.
5. The participants or their representatives expressly commit to participate in this event, and it is a condition for receiving the scholarship.
6. Unless expressly indicated in writing in advance of participation in the events, all of the images obtained then be used by the company, showing the promotion of the scholarships, the beneficiaries, and the academic institutions of origin, as well as the promoters of the event.

Article 13 - Monitoring Committee

1. The entire process of the launch, processing, interpretation of the terms and conditions, as well as attribution and awarding of the scholarships will be the responsibility of the Evaluation Committee, composed of employees of EDP Renewables.

Article 14 - Right to the scholarships

1. The right to the scholarships is terminated automatically and definitively, and without necessity for any specific formalization, if any of the following situations occur:
a) If it is discovered that any irregularity exists in the application of the awarded student.
b) If there are any indications that the data provided has been falisified or changed.
c) If the scholarship is not claimed within one year from the date of its attribution.
d) If, before receiving the benefit of the scholarship, any of the awarded students are subject to any penal process iniatiated by the State, disciplinary administrative process by the instition where they study, or if they behave in a way that goes against the promoters of this scholarship program, its sponsors, or third parties that, by its severity, causes damage to the image and honorability to the participants or discredits the involved entities, or themselves.
e) The extent of the contribution from EDP Renewables is limited to the financial contribution of the scholarships, as stipulated in Article 3.

Article 15 - Alternations in the deadlines and dates of these terms

1. The dates and deadlines specified in these terms could be altered by decision of EDP Renewables, in which case it would be disclosed publicly.

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